10 Ingredients You NEVER Want To See In Your Dog’s Food

Our canines are essential to us, and we need to make sure that we hold them as wholesome as doable. With so many meals to select from, it can provide you a headache attempting to resolve which one is the most effective on your canine companion! Whereas there are a lot of nice meals on the market and every canine is a person with their very own wants, there are some base substances you undoubtedly need to keep away from. Some might sound like they’re nutritious – however they aren’t. Check out our gallery to see what you ought to be avoiding!

#1 – Added Colours

Synthetic colours, equivalent to Crimson #40 and Blue #2, are generally utilized in pet meals. Imagine it or not, these colorings have been discovered dangerous to folks, and Crimson #40 has even been banned in the complete European Union as a doable carcinogen! If that doesn’t inform you one thing, I don’t know what does. However steer clear of these substances in your canine’s meals.

#2 – Beef Tallow

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Beef tallow is just beef fats, and holds no dietary worth for our canines. As a result of fats brings in quite a lot of taste, it’s usually utilized in pet meals to make them extra interesting to our furry mates. However understand that it’s simply one other pointless, low-quality ingredient.

#three – Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is one other ingredient that’s unhealthy for each people and our pets. It’s an pointless ingredient with no dietary worth and solely helps to sweeten your pets meals. Similar to sugar, pets can change into hooked on consuming corn syrup and refuse any nutritious meals. It’s like skipping dinner to get to your sugary dessert.

#four – Entire Grain Corn


Not solely is corn a typical ingredient that pets are allergic to, it gives no dietary worth. We might imagine it sounds wholesome as a result of corn is a vegetable, however the corn in our pet meals actually isn’t the scrumptious meals you’re used to consuming. Commodity corns are utilized in pet meals as an inexpensive filler, they solely add extra sugar and artificially enhance the protein rely in pet meals. It’s finest to keep away from all styles of corn substances.

#5 – Ethoxyquin

Don’t fear about easy methods to pronounce ethoxyquin, simply be sure you know easy methods to discover it in an ingredient checklist. Ethoxyquin is a really dangerous preservative utilized in pet meals. It’s additionally utilized in making rubber and as a primary ingredient in pesticides. Ethoxyquin has not been accepted within the European Union or Australia, however is allowed and broadly utilized in the US, and has been linked to liver points in pets.

#6 – Meat By-Product

Meat by-products actually are usually not very meat-like as soon as they attain pet meals. Meat by-products come from any a part of the animal that was not accepted for human consumption, together with cancerous and rancid tissues. It’s  unknown (usually even by the pet meals producer) what kind of animals these by-products come from, and there are some stories that sedatives and drugs used for humane euthanasia have been present in pet meals containing meat by-products.

#7 – Meat & Bone Meal

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Meat and bone meal are similar to meat by-products in that they maintain no dietary worth and might usually come from wherever. Meat and bone meals are primarily floor up meat by-products, together with bone, that weren’t deemed fit to be eaten. Rancid and cancerous tissues and bones are included in meat and bone meals.

#eight – Propylene Glycol

Apart from getting used as a preservative and sweetener in pet meals, propylene glycol is the primary ingredient in anti-freeze. Sure! A product that’s broadly recognized to be very poisonous to our pets really shares substances present in pet meals. You all the time hear that anti-freeze tastes candy, and that’s why our pets prefer to drink it. Doesn’t appear too odd that low-quality pet meals will use it of their substances as a sweetener, does it? Positively keep away from any meals containing propylene glycol in them.

#9 – Wheat Flour

Canines didn’t evolve consuming grains and their our bodies are usually not well-adapted to digesting them. Subsequently, wheat flour gives zero dietary worth for our pets. Wheat flour is typically used as a supply of protein to make the diet stats on the bag look higher, however it actually does extra hurt than good.

#10 – Wheat Gluten


One other pointless ingredient, wheat gluten additionally gives no dietary worth. Merely used as an inexpensive protein supply and filler for dry pet meals, wheat gluten is one thing that must be prevented. Being simply one other filler implies that wheat gluten brings way more hurt than good to the desk.

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