5 Reasons a Bichon Frise Might Be the Right Dog Breed for You

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The Bichon Frise was particularly bred to be a companion and tends to be one in all the sweetest and most affectionate canine breeds. He’s usually charming and may make a wonderful household pet, though he won’t be the most suitable option for households with younger kids or rambunctious older ones — he can simply be injured throughout tough play attributable to his small size, and he could nip at a little one if frightened. Be taught extra about him and whether or not he may be the proper canine breed for you.

They’re usually pure entertainers.

The Bichon Frise usually doesn’t have a drawback being the focal point and he would possibly simply attempt to maintain you captive together with his clownish antics. In truth, throughout the 19th century, his job was usually to accompany organ grinders and carry out on the avenue for passersby, and he was additionally a well-liked circus canine.

They’re sometimes clever.

You can teach many Bichon Frises nearly any trick in the e-book, supplied you give your pupil rewards similar to reward and treats. Preserve your coaching periods quick and enjoyable.

They’re usually energetic.

Ever heard of the “Bichon Blitz” or “Bichon Buzz?” The Bichon Frise is known for quick spurts of vitality that encourage him to take off operating round the home or yard in a frenzy whereas barking and even growling. Afterward, he’ll in all probability lie down for a whereas to recuperate from his journey. 

They will make good watchdogs.

Don’t let his tiny dimension idiot you. The Bichon Frise tends to be fairly alert and may make a wonderful watchdog. He’ll in all probability let in case your neighbors are coming or going or if the mail has simply been delivered. Assist him be taught when to bark and when to be quiet so he doesn’t turn out to be a nuisance barker.

They don’t shed a lot.

Though the Bichon Frise is claimed to have a non-shedding coat, all canines shed to a point — however this breed seems to shed lower than many others. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply he’s a “non- or hypoallergenic breed.” It’s a canine’s dander — flakes of pores and skin — that triggers allergic reactions in humans, not the coat. 

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