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The Afghan Hound is class personified. This distinctive, historical canine breed has an look fairly not like every other: dramatic silky coat, unique face, and skinny, fashion-model construct. Seems apart, Afghan fanatics describe this hound as each aloof and comical. Hailing from Afghanistan, the place the unique title for the breed was Tazi, the Afghan is believed thus far again to the pre-Christian period and is taken into account certainly one of oldest breeds.

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  • The Afghan Hound was initially used for searching massive prey in each the deserts and within the mountains of Afghanistan, the place his plentiful, flowing coat was wanted for heat. The Afghan was extremely valued for his means to run — quick and over nice distances — courageously holding harmful animals, reminiscent of leopards, at bay till his huntsman on horseback caught up. The Afghan was additionally valued for his means to suppose and hunt independently, with out human course.

    At this time’s Afghan Hound is not searching leopards however this sighthound does retain the impartial nature of a coursing hound. An Afghan pet will eagerly search affection from relations, similar to puppies of any breed, however this puppyhood conduct can idiot unsuspecting homeowners. Cute pet antics diminish because the Afghan matures. A mature Afghan Hound doesn’t lavish consideration on anybody, and typically doen’t even need to be hugged or petted. The free-thinking, impartial Afghan will resolve for himself when he desires affection, and it is going to be on his phrases — not yours.

    Independence and indifference apart, the Afghan Hound is tender when he needs to be and will be very amusing. Also known as a “clown” by his affectionate household, the Afghan Hound is thought to be mischievous and tales abound of this breed’s means to steal objects from underneath the very noses of relations, even going as far as to open dresser drawers and snatch garments.

    With a capability to see far better distances than people and pivotal hip joints that allow him to cowl floor shortly and simply clear obstacles, the Afghan is a pure for a sport known as lure coursing. In lure coursing, the hounds give chase to plastic luggage which are used to create the impact of escaping sport. This competitors checks the canine’s means to hunt by sight, and fundamental coursing intuition. In 1972, the American Sighthound Area Affiliation (ASFA) started, and continues to function and oversee a program a lot liked by homeowners and canine alike.

    Whether or not competing in a coursing occasion, or having fun with life as a playful household companion, the Afghan Hound is a one-of-a-kind breed.

  • Highlights

    • Grooming is important. Solely those that actually get pleasure from grooming, or are keen to pay knowledgeable groomer to do it, ought to take into account an Afghan Hound.
    • The Afghan’s pure searching intuition prompts him to chase prey (the neighbor’s cat, your son’s rabbit, the third grade class hamster, and so on.).
    • The Afghan Hound will be challenging to train on account of his impartial nature. Coaching can take a very long time and requires endurance. House training can be difficult. This breed can proceed having accidents in the home as much as about six months of age.
    • The Afghan Hound has a low ache tolerance. A minor wound is extra bothersome to this breed than to different breeds, and this canine can typically appear whiny or babyish.
    • Afghan Hounds are delicate and high-spirited and don’t reply effectively to tough handling–so be light.
    • Though this specific breed is normally good and even loving with kids, it’s best if the pet grows up with the kids he’ll dwell with and the kids are mature sufficient to know the significance of being thoughtful of this canine’s delicate nature.
    • To get a wholesome canine, by no means purchase a pet from an irresponsible breeder, pet mill, or pet retailer. Search for a reputable breeder who checks her breeding canine to ensure they’re freed from genetic ailments that they may move onto the puppies, and that they’ve sound temperaments.
  • Historical past

    The Afghan Hound comes from Afghanistan, the place the unique title for the breed was Tazi. The breed has lengthy been thought thus far again to the pre-Christian period. DNA researchers have just lately found that the Afghan Hound is among the most historical dog breeds and dates again hundreds of years.

    The primary documentation of a Western Afghan breeder is that of an English officer stationed close to Kabul. Afghan Hounds from his Ghazni Kennel have been transported to England in 1925, after which made their approach to America. The breed was acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1926 and the Afghan Hound Membership of America was admitted for membership with the AKC in 1940.

    Zeppo Marx of the Marx Brothers was one of many first to deliver Afghan Hounds to America. Within the late 1970s, the hound’s reputation soared when Barbie, who’s answerable for greater than 80 % of Mattel’s income, and Magnificence, her pet Afghan Hound, discovered their method into the houses and hearts of numerous American ladies. Throughout this identical decade, the event of lure coursing competitions added to the breed’s enchantment. Within the 1980s, the Afghan grew to become a preferred AKC present ring star and, despite its impartial nature, has branched out into obedience competitors.

  • Measurement

    Males are 27 inches (plus or minus one inch) and about 60 kilos, and females 25 inches (plus or minus one inch) and about 50 kilos.

  • Persona

    The Afghan Hound is usually a one-person or one-family canine. Don’t search for this hound to eagerly greet your company. Extra seemingly, he’ll offend them by being detached to their presence. Whereas some hounds might bark a few times when a stranger enters the house, this breed is just not identified to be an excellent watchdog.

    The impartial considering of the Afghan makes it a problem to coach. This hound is mostly not motivated by meals and doesn’t possess as robust a need to please as many different breeds (Golden Retriever, for instance). Although the Afghan makes a shocking presentation within the present ring, for instance, multiple skilled handler has been embarrassed within the ring by a refusal to cooperative. Even so, this breed is thought for outperforming different breeds when the choice to take action is his personal.

    Tough dealing with could cause this canine to change into withdrawn or mildly antagonistic. Mild dealing with, kindness, and endurance work finest with this breed, together with an understanding that there can be instances when the canine merely is not going to cooperate.

  • Well being

    Afghans are usually wholesome, however like all breeds, they’re susceptible to sure well being circumstances. Not all Afghans will get all or any of those ailments, nevertheless it’s essential to concentrate on them when you’re contemplating this breed.

    When you’re shopping for a pet, find a good breeder who will present you well being clearances for each your pet’s dad and mom. Well being clearances show canine has been examined for and cleared of a selected situation. In Afghans, you need to count on to see well being clearances from the Orthopedic Basis for Animals (OFA) for hip dysplasia (with a rating of truthful or higher), elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s illness; from Auburn College for thrombopathia; and from the Canine Eye Registry Basis (CERF) certifying that eyes are regular. You’ll be able to verify well being clearances by checking the OFA web page (

    • Allergies: Signs within the Afghan are the identical as in individuals: sneezing, eye and nasal discharge, itching, hair loss, and lethargy. Therapy varies in accordance with the trigger and should embrace dietary restrictions, medicines, and environmental modifications.
    • Cancer: Signs that will point out canine most cancers embrace irregular swelling of a sore or bump, sores that don’t heal, bleeding from any physique opening, and problem with respiratory or elimination. Remedies for most cancers embrace chemotherapy, surgical procedure, and medicines.
    • Juvenile cataracts: The Canine Eye Registration Basis (CERF) defines cataracts as a “partial or full opacity of the lens,” and warns that is the main reason for imaginative and prescient loss in canine. Relying on the severity, cataracts might typically be eliminated surgically.
    • Hypothyroidism: This can be a dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Signs embrace power ear infections, bacterial infections of the pores and skin, hair loss, lethargy, and despair. This situation is mostly handled with remedy and food regimen.
  • Care

    Afghan Hounds desire being inside with household. They’re laid again and calm in the home however are naturally lively canine and want daily exercise, which ideally features a leash stroll or run, plus a free-run in fenced space.

    Excessive, safe fencing is a should when you plan on preserving your hound in a yard. The Afghan is an adept escape artist and as soon as unfastened, is actually exhausting to catch. (Bear in mind, he can outrun horses!) Constant obedience training is critical and constructive reinforcement strategies work finest.

  • Feeding

    Really useful every day quantity: 2 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry meals a day, divided into two meals.

    NOTE: How a lot your grownup canine eats will depend on his measurement, age, construct, metabolism, and exercise degree. Canine are people, similar to individuals, and so they do not all want the identical quantity of meals. It nearly goes with out saying extremely lively canine will want greater than a sofa potato canine. The standard of pet food you purchase additionally makes a difference–the higher the pet food, the additional it would go towards nourishing your canine and the much less of it you may have to shake into your canine’s bowl.

    Maintain your Afghan in good condition by measuring his meals and feeding him twice a day quite than leaving meals out on a regular basis. When you’re uncertain whether or not he’s overweight, give him the attention check and the hands-on check. First, look down at him. It is best to be capable of see a waist. Then place your arms on his again, thumbs alongside the backbone, with the fingers unfold downward. It is best to be capable of really feel however not see his ribs with out having to press exhausting. If you cannot, he wants much less meals and extra train.

    For extra on feeding your Afghan, see our tips for buying the right food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog.


  • Coat Coloration And Grooming

    Correctly groomed, the Afghan coat is spectacular. It is vitally superb in texture, just like human hair, and thick and silky. On the top is an extended, silky topknot. Excluding the again, the complete physique is abundantly coated in hair, even the ears and ft. The hair is brief and shut alongside the again and clean in mature canine.

    All strong colours are allowed by the American Kennel Membership breed commonplace (standardized tips for the breed), with sure coloration mixtures thought-about probably the most pleasing.

    Grooming is a should for the Afghan. As a result of the coat is ok, it tends to tangle simply. Common, even every day, brushing and combing is critical, as is frequent bathing. Many homeowners elect to rent knowledgeable groomer to maintain the coat in good situation as a result of grooming the Afghan is so time consuming and tough; it’s definitely not a job for inexperienced persons, although homeowners can be taught to handle the coat if they’re keen to work exhausting.

    All breeds with pendant, or hanging, ears are likely to have points with ear infections. Examine your Afghan’s ears weekly and wipe them out with a cotton ball moistened with a cleanser beneficial by your veterinarian. By no means stick cotton swabs or the rest into the ear canal otherwise you may harm it. Your Afghan might have an ear an infection if the within of the ear smells dangerous, appears to be like pink or appears tender, or he incessantly shakes his head or scratches at his ear.

    Brush your Afghan’s teeth at the very least two or thrice per week to take away tartar buildup and the micro organism that lurk inside it. Every day brushing is even higher if you wish to stop gum illness and dangerous breath.

    Trim nails a few times a month in case your canine does not put on them down naturally. When you can hear them clicking on the ground, they’re too lengthy. Brief, neatly trimmed nails hold the ft in good situation and forestall your legs from getting scratched when your Irish Setter enthusiastically jumps as much as greet you.

    Start accustoming your Afghan to being brushed and examined when he is a pet. Deal with his paws frequently–dogs are sensitive about their feet–and look inside his mouth and ears. Make grooming a constructive expertise crammed with reward and rewards, and you may lay the groundwork for straightforward veterinary exams and different dealing with when he is an grownup.

    As you groom, examine for sores, rashes, or indicators of an infection reminiscent of redness, tenderness, or irritation on the pores and skin, within the ears, nostril, mouth, and eyes, and on the ft. Eyes must be clear, with no redness or discharge. Your cautious weekly examination will assist you to spot potential well being issues early.

  • Youngsters And Different Pets

    The Afghan’s impartial nature and huge measurement make him finest suited as an grownup companion. The Afghan is just not more likely to need to comply with round and play with kids. In actual fact, a toddler’s fast actions and noise degree can startle the Afghan. With proper socialization, although, the Afghan can modify to life in a household with kids and be loving and with them.

    The Afghan tends to most benefit from the firm of his personal kind–other Afghan Hounds. The Afghan will tolerate, even be detached, to different pets in a family. Not surprisingly, the Afghan’s hunter’s intuition leads him to chase small animals, particularly in the event that they run away.

  • Rescue Teams

    Afghans are sometimes bought with none clear understanding of what goes into proudly owning one. There are various Afghans in want of adoption and or fostering. There are a selection of rescues that we’ve not listed. When you do not see a rescue listed on your space, contact the nationwide breed membership or an area breed membership and so they can level you towards an Afghan rescue.

  • Breed Organizations

    Beneath are breed golf equipment, organizations, and associations the place you’ll find extra details about the Afghan Hound.



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