Age Puppy Neutered

Age Puppy Neutered

Best age to neuter or spay a dog

It is difficult for a dog owner to decide as to when to get their dog neutered. If the dog owner does not want the dog to breed and feels that it is best to neuter the pet for good health and well-being, they should proceed with the surgery.

Plan to neuter you male puppy as it begins growing up. Generally dogs enter puberty at six months of age. It would be better if the dog is neutered a little before this age.

It certainly is not advisable to carry out surgery on a newly born puppy. The best age to get a puppy neutered is before it attains sexual maturity. As a pup matures, its testicles descend fully which is essential for performing surgery. Professionals recommend neutering between the age of three and six months.

Many dog ​​owner feel that neutering the puppy too soon could affect the physical development and personality negatively. In fact, it is the opposite. Early neutering prevents aggressive behavior which can become part of a dog’s nature.

There is another myth that surrounds neutering: that neutered dogs do not make playful companions. This is certainly not true. Being playful comes naturally to canines. So your dog will continue to remain playful whether it is neutered or not.

When you purchase a dog, check with the breeder its exact age. As this will be beneficial as you decide when to neuter the puppy. A breeder can supply you with the useful information and tips regarding caring for puppy according to its breed.

If you are not planning to breed your pup, take his opinion on when and where to get the pup neutered. Reputable breeders will have excellent information about the dogs’ personality and health conditions. So you are likely to get information if there are some breed-specific suggestions for your puppy.

Of course, not everyone buys dogs from breeders. Some may adopt a dog from the street or a shelter. Here you will not have the advantage of knowing the dogs’ age. Fortunately, most Shelters have the pets neutered before sending it out for adoption. Discuss this with them before you adopt. A veterinarian will help you make a guess about your pets’ age as well.

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