Anatolian Shepherd Dog – Info, Traits, Info, Names

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Breed Info


2017: #862016: #842015: #92


Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Different names

Coban Kopegi, Karabash Dog, Kara Bas, Kangal Dog, Kham Kepiji Canines, Scandinavian Nygaard Canines



Breed Group

Working (AKC:1996)Guardian Dog (UKC)





Life span

10-13 years




Male: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm)Feminine: 26-28 inches (66-71 cm)


Male: 100-150 kilos (45-68 kg)Feminine: 90-130 kilos (41-59 kg)


Biscuit & WhiteBlue FawnBrindleFawnLiverPurple FawnWhite

Litter Dimension

5-10 puppies

Pet Value

Common $700 – $900 USD

Breed Traits


2 stars

Residence Pleasant

1 starsAnatolian Shepherds are usually not really helpful for residence life. They’re comparatively inactive indoors and can do finest with a minimum of a big yard. This breed may be very suspicious of strangers, and it’s due to this fact essential to offer a safe, fenced yard.

Barking Tendencies

three starsOccassional

Cat Pleasant

2 stars

Little one Pleasant

four starsGood with Children: This can be a appropriate breed for youths and is thought to be playful, energetic, and affectionate round them.

Dog Pleasant

1 stars

Train Wants

three starsThis breed wants lots of train. They do finest after they can run free in their very own fenced-in yard, however nonetheless must go on lengthy day by day walks. Does finest with a job to do; a flock to guard.


2 starsLow Upkeep: Grooming is just essential every now and then to keep up repairs. Little to no trimming or stripping wanted.

Well being Points

four starsVulnerable to hypothyroidism or to eyelid entropion. Hip dysplasia does happen, however will not be as frequent as in another giant breeds. They’re delicate to anesthesia. Hypoallergenic: No


2 starsRating: (#). (See All Rankings)


three stars

Shedding Stage

5 starsFixed Shedding: This can be a double-coated breed that sheds closely. Grooming the Anatolian requires a minimum of weekly brushing — day by day in the course of the twice yearly shedding season — and canine with a thick, plush coat might must be brushed extra continuously. That comes as an disagreeable shock to some folks.

Stranger Pleasant

1 stars


three starsReasonably Simple Coaching: The Anatolian Shepherd will not be a canine for the newbie. This breed requires a really agency, loving and authoritative hand when coaching. Motivational strategies seem to work finest when coaching the Anatolian Shepherd. Coaching ought to start at a really younger age with this breed. The Anatolian Shepherd grows to fairly a big measurement, making it tough to appropriate them when full grown.

Watchdog Capacity

5 starsNice Watchdog Capacity: This canine will bark and alert its homeowners when an intruder is current. It reveals very protecting habits, acts fearless towards any aggressor, and can do what it takes to protect and defend its household.

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