Bringing your puppy home for the first time

Bringing your puppy home for the first time : When to Bring your puppy home

Bringing your puppy home to another dog, Bringing your puppy home for the first time, When to Bring your puppy home, after bringing your puppy home

Apart from the plain answer-not earlier than you might be ready-the time to get a canine is when you’ve accomplished your doggy schooling. And when the pup is prepared.

An necessary consideration is the age of the pup. Most puppies change properties at a while of their life, often from the house the place they have been born to the properties of their new human companions. The optimum time for a pet to alter properties is dependent upon many variables, together with his emotional wants, his all-important socialization schedule, and the extent of doggy experience in every family.

Leaving residence may be traumatic, and limiting the pup’s emotional trauma is a main consideration. If the pet leaves residence too early, he’ll miss out on early pup-pup and pup-mother interactions. And for the reason that first weeks in a brand new residence are sometimes spent in a doggy social vacuum, the growing pet could develop up undersocialized towards his personal variety. Alternatively, the longer the pet stays in his authentic residence the extra connected he turns into to his doggy household and the tougher the eventual transition. A delayed transition additionally postpones all-important socialization with the brand new household.

For a lot of puppies, eight weeks is the best age

Eight weeks of age has lengthy been accepted because the optimum time to accumulate a brand new pup. By eight weeks, enough dog-dog socialization has taken place with mom and litter mates to tide the pet over till he’s sufficiently old to soundly meet and play with different canines in puppy class and dog parks. But the pet continues to be younger sufficient to kind a robust bond with the members of his new household.

The relative stage of doggy experience in every residence is a crucial consideration in figuring out whether or not the pet is best off staying longer in his authentic residence or leaving earlier to dwell along with his new house owners. It’s typically assumed that breeders are consultants and house owners are rank novices, in order that it is smart to go away the pup with the breeder so long as doable. A conscientious breeder is often higher certified to socialize, housetrain, and chewtoy-train the pet. When that is true, it is smart to get the pet when he’s older. (In actual fact, I typically ask novice house owners whether or not they have thought of a socially mature and well-trained adult dog as a substitute for a younger pup.)

This in fact presupposes the breeder’s superior experience. Sadly, simply as there are glorious, common, novice, and irresponsible house owners, there are additionally glorious, common, novice, and irresponsible breeders. With the mixture of an skilled proprietor and a less-than-average breeder, the pet could be higher off shifting to his new residence as early as doable, definitely by six to eight weeks on the newest. If you happen to really feel you’re a certified pet raiser however the breeder is not going to allow you to take your pup residence earlier than eight weeks of age, look elsewhere. Keep in mind, you might be looking for a pet to dwell with you, not with the breeder. In actual fact, you is likely to be higher off wanting elsewhere anyway, since a less-than-average breeder most likely produces less-than-average puppies.

Excerpted from Earlier than You Get Your Pet, by Ian Dunbar.

Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian and animal behaviorist, founding father of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and the creator and star of quite a few books and movies on canine habits and coaching. He lives in Berkeley, California along with his spouse, coach Kelly Dunbar, and their three canines. The Dunbars are contributing editors to DogTime.

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