Dog Cancer – How to Heal and Prevent Naturally Without Cost and Heartache

Dog Cancer – How to Heal and Prevent Naturally Without Cost and Heartache

The diagnosis of dog cancer can bring a whirlwind of emotion for pet owners. Not only is there the heartbreak of knowing a recognized canine companion has a terrible illness, there can be anxiety over the cost of expensive treatments and procedures.

While it is the type of news that many pet owners do not want to face, these days half of all dogs over the age of ten will have developed cancer. On top of this, dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages are being diagnosed. It would seem something is putting the domestic canine species in serious peril. Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners do not realize that something is in the form of the kibble or mush they feed their dog everyday.

When 90% of disease is food related, it is necessary for dog owners to take a good look at what their dog is eating. When a diet is full of fresh food, a body is healthy. When it is not, a body sufferers. The canine physiology is one that is designed to draw nutrients from fresh raw meat and bone.

Yet many dogs subsist from a food source that is highly processed and has a cocktail of preservatives, additives and other chemicals added to it. The problem is, as altered nutrients, chemicals and toxins enter the body unrecognized, a dog’s immune system prepares to fight what it sees as foreign invaders. When this happens day after day, the immune system eventually becomes weak and frazzled. This allows all kinds of illnesses to take a foothold- including dog cancer.

As stated by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, BVet Med, MRCVS, “Long-term exposure to the diet-related toxins leads to disease of body organs.” “Disease-induced organisms produce more bloodstream and add to the spiral of worse disease.”

Common signs of dog cancer are:

* Difficulty in urinating, defecating, breathing, eating or swallowing
* Loss of appetite, energy or weight
* Swelling in the lymph nodes that will not go down
* Foul body odor
* Sores that do not seem to heal
* Blood or discharge from body orifices
* Lumps in the breast or abnormal size in testicles

When a vet suspects dog cancer, he or she will do a biopsy and devise a plan of treatment based on the test results. This is a perfect time to discuss plans for switching to a diet of raw meat and bone. In general, most professionals will dismiss this idea. Because there is no money for pharmaceutical companies in keeping a dog well, vets are largely trained to only deal with the symptoms of a sick dog.

However, their lack of knowledge on the subject should not stand in the way of saving a canine companion’s life. Without chemicals and toxins to further distress the immune system, the live enzymes, proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients found in raw meat and bone can get to work healing from the inside out. With this natural diet on its side, a dog has an outstanding chance of stopping the cancer right in its tracks.

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