Dog Food - A Healthy Alternative

Dog Food – A Healthy Alternative

Why Look for Dog Food Alternatives?

You may unknowingly give your pet dog food that is not healthy for them. Making your pet happy and providing the best that you can for them is one of the goals of a pet owner. When you love your pet you want them to get the best of everything that you can give them. You think you are doing right because the pet food companies lead you to believe that pet foods have healthy meats, vegetables and grains. But the part that they do not tell you is that the so called healthy ingredients may be processed to the extent that they are no longer contain any nutritional value.

So what can a loving pet owner do when they want to make sure that their beloved pet is getting real nutrition. They become informed of what is healthy for their animal. Some prepared foods can have nutritional value but very few of them do. A healthy alternative is making your dog’s food and treats at home. This can also be a cheaper alternative to the ever increasing price of prepared food.

Preparing food alternatives for your pet can have many benefits. The nutritional value is higher because the foods are not overly processed. You have more control over what your pet eats. For some pet owners, the self satisfaction of being able to make your dogs food is one of the greatest benefits.

Homemade dog foods are full of grains, meats and vegetables. You know this for a fact because you are putting these ingredients in the food yourself. For commercially made products, you left to having to believe that the ingredients are what the company says they are. Some ingredients are not regulated so you are not sure what it really is.

Making homemade pet food is not difficult. Most people do not do it because they think that it will take too much effort. If you can make a batch of cookies, you can make dog food and dog trees. Just think of how you will feel knowing that you made what your pet is eating yourself. All you have to do is mix up a few ingredients, shape and bake. How easy is that?

Raw Meat dogs

There is only one drawback to making your own food; knowing what foods you can use as ingredients in the recipes. There are some foods that dogs really do not need in their diet or can even be lethal in their diet. We all know that chocolate, tea and other caffeine products can harm your beloved pet. Did you know that onions and garlic can be just as dangerous? Too much can be toxic. Too much liver can cause a vitamin deficiency.

Bones for dogs

Once you understand what you can use for your pet, then you can make a quality homemade dog food and healthy treats that you’re pet will love. These trees will be made from soy flour, pureed vegetables (such as those found in baby food), pieces of meat and cereals. The meat can be processed in a food processor to make it easier to work with. Knowing that you can easily make a healthy alternative to commercial dog foods can make the effort worthwhile.

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