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Dog Food – What’s Safe For Your Pet?

Safe Dog Food

Commercial dog food has ingredients that can be harmful for your dog. They can cause disease and even death. You think that you are giving your dog a nutritious meal, but are you really? When you take on the responsibility of owning a dog, you try to make the right decisions about what is best for your best friend. Sometimes this decision can be more misguided than you may think.

If you look at the labels of commercial dog foods, you will be surprised at what you see. Byproducts, preservatives and other chemicals are the main ingredients. Would you give your human best friend chemicals that could make them sick? Why would you give it to your animal best friend? When you give them most commercial dog foods, then you are doing just that.

safe dog food list

Most people have no clue what is in the ingredients list of dry dog ​​foods. Commercials and other advertising campaigns make us believe that meat and vegetables are the main ingredient in the products. Unfortunately, this is usually not true. You may find soy flour, meat byproducts or meat meal as one of the first ingredients. What are meat byproducts and meat meal?

Meat byproducts can be a wide range of things all mixed into a product. This is not the regular cuts of meat like we would have on our plates. This is the remnants of what is left from what we use. This includes fat, bone, and other tissues that are considered not acceptable for human consumption. Because scarps are being used, the nutritional value for the byproducts is far less than our animals really need to stay healthy.

Meat meal is an appetizing mix of whatever is available at the time. This can include road kill. What’s even more disturbing it can also include animals that have been euthanized in animal shelters or zoos, which means that your dog could be eating another dog. How sick is that? Would you knowly give your dog another dog to eat? Hopefully, that answer would be no.

safe dog food recipes

Dog food that is produced commercially can contain several different chemicals that are known to cause cancer in humans. Some of the chemicals used can include glyceryl monostearate, phosphoric acid and propylene glycol. These chemicals are used for different reasons in the process of making products for our dogs. Glyceryl monostearate is used to thicken the food. Phosphoric acid is used as a flavoring and to keep the food from discoloring. Propylene glycol is used to keep some foods moist.

There are some ingredients that you would think would be good for your pet to eat. Some foods, however, are dangerous for dogs to eat. Onions and garlic are two of these foods. They can be toxic to your animal; but yet they are listed in some form on many dog ​​food labels.

Most generally you would think that grains would be good as an ingredient in dry food. Unfortunately, the grains are processed to the point of no longer possessing quality nutrients. Most of the grains used are byproducts of the processing of grains for human consumption. This can include cereals, soy flour and more. Meal from corn and flour from potatoes are also used. Again, the nutrients are processed out of what should have been healthy ingredients.

Many dog ​​owners think of their dog as their best friend (sometimes they are even treated like children). These owners would want to give their dog the best quality dog ​​food that they can. Becoming informed on what is in commercial dog food products and what can harm your beloved pet is the key to understanding how you can give your animal the best and prolong their life.

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