10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

10 Foods that may kill your dog

1. Onions: Onions can break down your dog’s red blood cells and severely decrease the oxygen that gets to its blood. This problem may not show up immediately, but will build up over time. Symptoms to look for include loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and malaise.

2. Chocolate: The difference between us humans eating a delicious piece of chocolate and your dog eating chocolate is that it can actually speed up your dog’s heart rate which can lead to seizures and even heart attacks. In addition to that they can vomit, get diarrhea and have frequent urination. If you realize your dog has eaten some chocolate, it’s best to get them to the animal emergency hospital right away.

3. Alcohol: Your dog’s body just can not handle this. It could very easily give them alcohol poisoning and end up leading to their death.

4. Caffeine: Do not let your dog drink anything that’s caffeine. Their heart may race rapidly and cause a seizure or heart attack.

5. Raisins and Grapes: It’s best to keep your dog clear from both of these due to the fact that there still is not a specific measurement of how much they can actually handle, plus they just do not agree with your dog’s digestive system . It can cause vomiting, dirrhea and frequent urination.

6. Avocados: These are very toxic for your dog. They have a chemical that can damage their body tissues. (this also includes Guacamole dip)

7. Raw Fish: Raw fish contains parasites, so if your dog swallows these parasites, they will cling to the wall of their intestines. It takes a while to notice something is wrong with your dog so you need to have regular checks with your vet. Make sure you thoroughly cook your fish before feeding it to your dog.

8. Macadamia Nuts: These nuts can cause heart problems, seizures, high fever and even paralysis.

9. Foods with Pits: Pits have cyanide in them and are extremely dangerous to your dog. It’s possible for a pit to overtake the body of a small dog and they could die from it. (they could also choke on the pit)

10. Bread Dough: Since bread dough is soft, your dog could end up swallowing this whole. The dough can actually rise in the dog’s stomach and cause terrible bloating and nausea. (very uncomfortable for them)

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