6 Chemicals That Might Be in Your Dog's Food

6 Chemicals That Might Be in Your Dog’s Food and Why They Are Dangerous

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It has been almost three years since that horrible Pet Food Recall and believe it or not, there are still things in some pet food that is not fit for a rodent. Pet food companies pay their people a lot of money to come up with “masked” names and phrases to make their dog food sound like it’s nutritious. If you do not know what your dog needs and how to read these labels, how will you know if your dog is eating something poisonous? Let’s go over some chemicals that should NEVER be in any pet food and I will also tell you what they can do to your dog.

Ethoxyquin: This is used as a preservative in some dog foods and is also used as a herbicide. This chemical was banned from human consumption but the FDA still lets pet food companies use it if they only add the the dosage. I do not care if it’s half or just a quarter … it’s still poison!

Side Effects: It can cause cancer, kidney damage, liver damage, loss of hair and leukemia.

Butylated HydroxyAnisole: Better known as BHA. This is also a cheap conservative that goes in pet foods. Some dog foods will be on the shelf for months. This is a how they can do that.

Side Effects: It can cause stomach cancer, liver damage, hyperactivity, fetal abnormalities and metabolic stress.

Butylated HydroxyTolulene: Better known as BHT. Sister chemical to BHA and is a cheap conservative. Sometimes both BHA and BHT are used at the same time.

Side Effects: This can cause thyroid and bladder cancer, liver issues and metabolic stress.

Propylene Glycol: Once again this is used as a conservative. You will also find this in a lot of make-up. Does any animal need to be eating something like that? NO!

Side Effects: This can cause Hemolytic Anemia which is the destruction of red blood cells.

Note: If you own a cat, they can become very addicted to this chemical.

Hydrolyzed Protein: Sounds like a good way to add protein does not it? Think again! This is just another name for MSG. (I think we all know how bad MSG is for us)

Side Effects: Causes metabolic stress and heart problems. They can not die from it but they can get very ill.

Menadione: This chemical is highly toxic. It was banned by the FDA as a nutritional supplement for humans. It could be listed on the labels as Vitamin K3 or Dimethylprimidinol Sulfate

Side Effects: Vomiting, diarrhea and metabolic stress.

When reading labels, make sure you read every single ingredient. If there is something you just are unsure of, do not buy it until you know what it is. Masking dog food ingredients is something a lot of dog food companies are good at. Buying organic (holistic) is your best alternative. These companies will be more than happy to tell you exactly what they put in the food and can be trusted.

Keep in mind that over 39,000 dogs and cats either died or became extremely sick from the pet food recall. Even though the chemicals “melamine and cyanuric acid” (which were the deadly combinations in that recall) are no longer used as “fillers”, the recall has done NOTHING to stop some companies from still using other “fillers” in lower grade commercial dog foods. Please read your labels and keep your pet healthy.

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