Dog Nutrition Is of Importance

Dog Nutrition Is of Importance


Dog nutrition plays a critical role in the growth and long life of your dog. The kind of food a dog eats will have a significant impact on how the dog will grow up including his health. There are of course other just as important factors to consider like the kind of dog you have since different dogs can have different life spans. Usually the bigger the dog the shorter it’s life span and the smaller the dog the longer the life span. So it seem like through all the bullying a small dog may get from a larger dog, things are made up since the small dog will probably live longer than the bigger dog! There are also other issues like heredity, proper care and shelter for your dog. Whatever the other factors are it does not hurt to pay conscious attention to your dog’s nutrition so you will a minimum eliminate or minimize one factor that could lead to an unhealthy dog ​​and a shorter life.

It is hard to imagine that we talk of dogs in this manner because during the period when man and dog were thought to have gotten together times were very difficult. There are ancient paintings in cave walls found in a coastal town of Spain showing men and what appear to be dogs hunting together (So if you have a dog that does not follow your instructions it could have you a Spanish speaking dog!). There are some who say that the paintings do not clearly indicate that they are on a hunt. What is important to know is that even in those ancient time men and dogs were already together.


Those times were very difficult. Today’s financial mess is nothing compared to what people then experienced. Food was very hard to come by and there were periods of hunger experienced by both men and dogs. It seems certain that meat was eaten by men to keep themselves alive. The pooches did not enjoy that. Doggies also had their own struggles and the main concern for the pooch was basically how to survive and have food for the puppies. There were certain kinds of dogs who managed to survive while others died.

Somehow man and dog got together and the dog was domesticated. What are the details of how this happened is not certain. Men have prided themselves of being the master of their dogs. If you think about it, humans have to work and go home and feed the dogs. While the pups just stay at home. So in reality maybe it’s really the pet that has domestic man!

Whatever it may be there is no denying that man just love dogs, since at least in the Western world, dogs are bought mainly as pets and not for work. Although there are plenty of work dogs around everywhere, from police dogs, to doggies leading the blind. There is a certain level of affection that man always has for their pet dogs, sometimes those long years of trials together has created this special bond which is hard to break. That is why we have this dog industry and doggy food industry as well.

There are different kinds of food for different kinds of dogs now available in the market which the cavemen would have never dreamed of. Not only that, research continues on how to give superior food for the dogs as well as other studies being made to better understand the mind of a pooch; all with the intention of giving the dog an improved life. Nutrition plays an important role in all of this and times have never been better for both man and dogs.

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