Dog Nutrition – The Good and the Bad about the dog nutrition

Is there any way to know whether the food you feed your dog contains the essential daily requirements needed for optimal energy levels and health?

Let us first find out what is on the labels of the dog food we choose to buy. If you see “nutritionally complete” or “completely balanced”, this simply means that this dog food brand meets the daily nutritional requirements of adult dogs, puppies, pregnant dogs, or expectant mothers. Aside of the recommendations and guidelines provided by the food control authorities, it is essential to follow the indicative dog group found on the label, as to which the dog food formulation was intended for.

Dry dog ​​food is the most affordable and readily available food in the market. It is manufactured in bulk, and lasts longer compared to other types of canine consumables. Furthermore, it is sure to get your dog full. When it comes to your dog’s teeth, the crunch this type of food provides predictions plaque accumulation and tooth decay. In addition, it keeps the gums healthy by massaging them when the kibble is ateen.

When it comes to the price, dry food is cheaper compared to canned dog food. However, this price difference is insignificant when it comes to smaller breeds. However, when it comes to feeding dogs like American Bulldogs or St. George. Bernards, the difference is well felt. Canned dog food is ideal for underweight dogs or dogs recovering from an illness or surgery.

When it comes to frozen dog food, they have similar advantages with canned dog food, but they cost a little bit more. This is due to the process in which frozen dog food undertakes in packaging.

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There are a lot of food items that do not affect us in any way, but are completely hazardous to our dog’s health. In some cases, they can even be the cause of our dog’s death. It is essential to keep these food items out of our dog’s reach.

Here are some of these food items:


Chocolates contain theobromine that can best be compared to caffeine. This can cause abnormal heartbeats, seizures, muscle tremors, dehydration, and vomiting. The amount of theobromine depends on the type of chocolate.

Macadamia Nuts

These nuts may be a luxury for people to eat, but can cause depression, vomiting, etc. in dogs. It is unknown what causes this. What is known is that just 2 teaspoons per lbs. of body weight can cause toxicity.


Onions are among our favorite vegetables. This is the same case with dogs. Onions cause a dog’s red blood cell to rupture, which develops into anemia. Garlic results in similar effects, but not as bad. 1 – 5 oz ofions can have this effect.

Grapes And Raisins

Considered to be the fruit of royalty, it is not the same case with our canine companions. This fruit will result in kidney failure in selected dog breeds. It is unknown what causes this in dogs. According to animal toxicity experts, this reaction is highly dependent on the amount of the fruit ateen.

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