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Dog Nutrition – The Vital Function of Water

Dog drinking water, nice picture and very importanty for dogs.

A dog’s body consists of an average of 70 percent water. Your dog can survive even after losing all of its fat reserves and one half its protein reserves. However, if only a tenth of its water is lost, fatality is inevitable, which is something no dog owner ever wants to happen.

For the best chances of survival, a full-grown adult dog requires at least 2 ml of water per pound (30 ml per 1oz). The 2 ml is needed to cleanse the body of toxins through urination. Without this minimum requirement, it is less likely that any dog will be able to survive.

It is essential to provide your canine companions with a more than sufficient amount of clean drinking water. Regardless of the minimum requirement of 2 ml, your dog will survive, but for how long is questionable. True, your dog will survive, but water deficiencies will soon follow. His or her bodily functions will definitely deteriorate and will eventually cease to function. If this goes on, he or she will eventually get dehydrated, will be susceptible to illnesses, and cease to exist.

It is essential to provide your dog more than the least required amount of fresh drinking water. There are various reasons for this:

DogsĀ chemical reactions to water.


  1. Water is essential in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients in the body. It allows the food consumed to be broken down, and allows for easier cell absorption.
  2. It is utilized in the burning of fuel for energy. Without it, dogs will be unable to convert food into energy needed in their daily activities.
  3. Water is essential in maintaining the normal and ideal body temperature. Without it, a dog’s body would definitely overheat.
  4. Drinking the required amounts of water replaces lost liquids in the normal course of fluid secretion. Secretions such as urination and the like.
  5. Water is essential in chemical reactions vital in the fusion or chemical reactions needed in various bodily functions. The various organs in a dog’s body require various chemical reactions to function. Water plays a vital role in this process.
  6. Like in humans, water is vital in transporting toxic substances from cells and extracted from the body. In the deficiency of water from the body, there will be no other way for these waste materials to exit the body, which will result in the body’s deterioration.
  7. Lastly, water is essential in regulating the acidity levels in our dog’s blood. If the acidity levels get too high, the organ functions cease to work efficiently, which leads to the deterioration of the body.

Just like in humans, water is essential in any dog’s survival. Every bodily function cannot work efficiently without water. Water is essential in waste management, temperature regulation, acidity regulation, detoxification, digestion, and so many more. Water in all cases is the most essential, vital, and important nutrient of the dog’s body. Without this life-giving nutrient, there is absolutely no chance for any dog breed or group to survive.

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