Dog Years - How Old is My Dog?

Dog Years – How Old is My Dog?

How old is your dog in dog years? If he is 15 years old, does that mean he is 105? Based on the idea that a dog ages seven years for every regular calendar year, that’s right. The problem with that is that is not accurate. In fact, there is no real set standard for how many years a dog ages because as the dog gets older, the ratio for how old he gets changes. The idea may help you try to estimate based on your dog’s developmental skills how old they are in their middle ages, but overall it does not make sense.

The concept of dog years is a way for us to relate how your old your dog is in relation to people years. Based on the 7-year scale, a 5-year old dog may be about 35 years old in people years. They could be developing similar aging that a 35-year old person experiences, so that can be considered accurate. Using the same scale, a dog that is a year and a half is about 10-years old. The problem behind that is while most dogs at that age are fully developed to reproduce, most 10-year old boys and girls are not.

Is there an easy way to find out how old your dog is? Yes and no. There is not a set standard that can give you one definitive answer. One chart will tell you your 12-month old dog is 15-years old in people years, while another will say the same 12-month old dog is only 10.5-years old. A 15-year old dog is 76-years old according to one chart, while another chart says in relation that the dog is really in his late 80s.

So, how old is your dog? The best way to really understand is to talk with your local veterinarian. Each dog, like people, ages differently. A 35-year old man may find himself one morning losing all his hair, while a 64-year old man may still have every flowing lock he’s ever had. Dogs are the same way. Perhaps the dog is sick, so he aged quicker. Or his upbringing on certain foods or training has added more life. The different breeds of dogs are also a factor to consider. But the idea that a dog is 7 dog years for every 1 people year is not a reliable standard.

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