From A Groomer: 3 Reasons Not To Shave Your Double-Coated Dog

In case your canine sheds rather a lot, you’ve in all probability considered shaving them to cut back the quantity of hair left round your own home. Perhaps you thought shaving your canine would maintain them cooler in the summertime. Maybe you assume your canine would look cute shaved.

Usually, canines whose hair solely grows to a sure size after which stops, and particularly double-coated canines – canines which have an undercoat that sheds out – shouldn’t be shaved. Listed here are three explanation why it might not be the best choice in your canine.


  • Shaving that kind of hair can harm the canine’s coat. It would develop again okay the primary time, however ultimately your canine’s coat is more likely to lose its luster and should develop again patchy or in no way, particularly if they’ve underlying well being points. This may occasionally happen in any breed however it’s particularly widespread in Pomeranians. Have you ever ever seen one with stringy hair and bald spots? It could be the results of a well being downside, however it’s often a case of alopecia brought on by a lifetime of being shaved.
  • They may nonetheless shed, they’ll simply shed smaller hairs. Chances are you’ll assume shorter hairs could be much less noticeable, however they are often far more troublesome to scrub up. Quick hairs turn into splinters that may embed themselves in your furnishings and pores and skin.
  • Your canine wants his coat to remain cool within the warmth. Not like people, canines can’t sweat (aside from the pads of their toes). They pant to maintain cool. Shaving them truly exposes their pores and skin extra on to the solar and causes them to overheat. Brushing out the undercoat with out shaving the topcoat is the easiest way to maintain your canine cool. For extra warmth reduction, chances are you’ll select to have your canine’s stomach shaved, which can permit them to really feel cool grass or tile with out destroying their whole coat or exposing them to the potential for sunburn.

A good groomer ought to warn you about these prospects earlier than shaving your canine. Be cautious if they only settle for your cash to shave your canine with no warning that the coat could not develop again.


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