Assist! Our Puppy Hates to Be Brushed!

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Our pleasant, joyful pet hates having his fur brushed — he’ll run and conceal when he sees the comb come out. What can we do to get him used to being groomed?

Canine have a tendency to bear in mind experiences which might be painful, scary or in any other case upsetting, particularly if the damaging expertise occurred within the formative puppyhood weeks. Operating away when the comb emerges most certainly signifies that your pet is feeling concern, anxiousness or stress related to the expertise of being brushed.

Luckily, it’s doable to remodel your canine’s response to the comb. The technique is to pair brushing with constructive and satisfying experiences.

Your first step, although, is to be certain that your pet’s dislike of brushing isn’t associated to a bodily situation. An infected ear or irritation within the joints, for example, might trigger a canine to balk when dealt with on or close to these delicate areas. Begin with a visit to the veterinarian to rule out any medical causes on your canine’s conduct. As soon as he has a clear invoice of well being, it’s time to train him to love being groomed.

Verify Your Gear

Your canine might bolt from the comb as a result of grooming is uncomfortable and even downright painful. Begin by assessing the comb you’re utilizing; make it possible for it’s not pulling your canine’s coat or hurting his pores and skin. Laborious steel bristles might pull your canine’s fur, whereas bristles which have misplaced their protecting ends could also be poking into his pores and skin.

Switching the kind of grooming tools and products you’re utilizing might enhance and even resolve this downside. A gentle, versatile detangling brush and a dog-specific detangling product (used as wanted) can go a good distance towards lowering your pet’s discomfort and easing his trepidation.

It is also doable that the problem will not be along with your brush however somewhat with the way you are brushing. As an alternative of yanking or ripping by means of a knot or mat, gently work out tangles. In case you encounter a cussed knot, gently maintain the fur just under the knotted space with one hand to assist forestall pulling on the pores and skin. Beginning on the fringe of the mat or knot, slowly work towards the middle of the tangle. You have to be ready to gently tease the mat or knot aside with out pulling your canine’s fur. In robust circumstances, a groomer might have to help in working by means of or slicing out established mats. Common brushing and grooming upkeep will help to preserve your pet’s coat tangle-free.

Make Brushing Enjoyable

Earlier than you soar into really brushing your pet, he might have a while to get used to the sight of the comb itself and to study to affiliate the sight of it with good things happening. Place the comb on the bottom and encompass it with treats — you possibly can even lay a couple of on the comb itself. Supervise your pet whereas he investigates the comb. You may also feed your pup a tasty deal with from a bowl positioned subsequent to the comb.

As soon as he’s snug with the sight of the comb, progress to sitting on the ground whereas holding the comb stationary in your hand. Enable your canine to method at his personal tempo. Keep away from shifting the comb towards your canine; as a substitute, reward any curiosity your pet exhibits within the brush, even when it’s only a look.

Subsequent, work on educating your canine to stay in place for brief handling. Consolation is vital to rising dealing with tolerance. Brushing, like all dealing with, ought to solely progress whereas your canine stays in place with out struggling. Initially, you could want to provide a steady stream of treats to assist preserve him in place. You might have considered trying to enlist a member of the family to assist with deal with supply when you deal with the brushing.

Begin out by brushing gently for just some seconds in an space the place your canine is already prepared to tolerate contact, similar to his chest or shoulder. Progressively transfer to brushing different components of his physique or brushing for barely longer earlier than rewarding him. If he shows any indicators of resistance or concern, again up and return to brushing for much less time or solely in areas he’s okay with.

A gradual, gradual method works greatest. Begin with quick classes of brushing and provide ample treats and reward. Finally, your pet ought to study to see brushing as an excellent factor.

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