Norwegian Elkhound – Info, Traits, Info, Names

A typical Northern spitz-like breed, the Norwegian elkhound is sq.-proportioned, shut coupled, with substantial bone, broad head, pricked ears and tightly curled tail. It’s constructed for agility and endurance, fairly than pace, enabling it to path for hours after which maintain huge sport at bay by barking and dodging assault. Its trot is easy. It has a thick, clean-mendacity coat consisting of straight outer hairs and a wooly undercoat. This mix presents the most effective safety in opposition to chilly and snow.

The Norwegian elkhound combines traits of hounds and spitz-like canine, leading to a breed that’s daring, playful, impartial, alert, boisterous and — in contrast to most hounds — even protecting. It is a canine prepared for journey and happiest if that journey takes place outside in chilly climate. It wants each day train, lest it grow to be annoyed and even damaging. It’s pleasant with strangers however could quarrel with unusual canine. It tends to tug when on leash until skilled, and it might bark loads.

The Norwegian Elkhound is one in all many breeds of the Spitz household, or, as they’re typically referred to, the Northern Breeds. All through its historical past this multi-proficient breed has been used as a herding canine, sled canine, guardian and hunter. As its title implies, it’s from Norway, and it was used (and nonetheless is) to hunt elk, in addition to different sport akin to moose, bear and wolf. They’re believed to be a really historic breed, with ancestors recognized in Viking occasions. In Norway, solely canine that qualify within the Norwegian Looking Trials could also be awarded the title of breed champion. The grey coat coloration is often darker in European members of the breed. Even when used as a tough hunter, they make a beautiful household pet.

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