This Amazon Prime Find is a Great Way to Protect Your Dog From Fleas in the Fall & Winter Months

Many individuals assume that fleas die off in the winter and it’s protected to cease your canine’s flea and tick preventative. However is it actually protected to do this? Do you want to fear about fleas throughout cooler months? The shocking reply is that YES, you do nonetheless want to fear about them throughout cooler months, and it’s all about their life cycle.

About the flea life cycle

You might be shocked to study that a lot of a flea’s life cycle takes place OFF of a host. So long as it’s heat sufficient, eggs can hatch with out a host. Meaning if any fleas got here into your house throughout the hotter months, eggs could be mendacity round your house, ready for the proper second to hatch and connect themselves to your pet.

Past that, fleas can keep loads heat on any host, regardless of chilly temperatures. In case you have different wildlife passing via your yard, eggs can fall off of them and hatch on a heat day, then hop onto your poor pup for his or her subsequent meal.

Even when they didn’t come inside your home, there are many locations out in the setting, like underneath or subsequent to your house, which are heat sufficient to preserve them alive. The setting doesn’t have to be a lot above freezing for fleas or their eggs to survive, so locations with gentle winters will probably be at higher threat than locations with harsh winters and lots of days with a temperature beneath zero.

You want to deal with the setting

Fleas and their eggs can simply reside inside your house. It’s essential to vacuum recurrently and wash any canine beds or bedding your canine comes into contact with. Wash in scorching water on a common foundation to kill any fleas or eggs that will have discovered their manner inside your house. Treating your canine however neglecting the setting could be a futile course of.

How to kill and stop fleas with out harsh chemical substances

For those who suppose it’s crucial to bombard your home with heavy responsibility chemical substances, suppose once more. This Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic Pure Flea & Tick Repellent Chewable Complement on Amazon Prime may also help preserve pests off your canine and assist forestall him from bringing fleas into your house in the first place.

At $14.99 for a bottle of 300 tablets, this product is a very value efficient manner to defend your pup throughout the fall and winter months.

On high of defending your house and canine from pests, every buy of those merchandise supplies 7 meals to shelter canine!

(H/T: PetMD, Wag!)

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