What to Expect As Your Dog Ages

What to Expect As Your Dog Ages

As most animal owners know there comes a time unfortunately when their beloved friend starts to show the signs of old age creeping up on them. There may have been those times in the past when you have fired your beloved pet with little luxury dog ​​clothes and fun toys for him / her to play with.

The aging process in dogs can be quite different, some breeds can age faster than others there is know set pattern. There are those of you who will have two dogs of the same breed and one may start to age faster than the other. The way a dog can age can depend on their general health and environment, and also his family heritage.

As all breeds of dogs come in different shapes and sizes the same can apply to certain breeds being sooner to heart problems, for example while there are other breeds that may be given to certain types of cancer. That is why it is so important for your dog to have regular checks by a veterinarian to diagnose any problems that can occur as they are getting on in their life.

When asked how old your dog is and you reply by saying six or seven, in actual fact for the dog’s years it may mean fifty to fifty five and so on. Sometimes there can be controversy in that some people say it is seven years for a dog to our one year, and there are some who say it is six years to our one year.

Many dog ​​owners take their pet for screening tests when they start to reach a certain age, this is a wise thing to do because if there is an age related problem with the dog then it will be detected early on and may add extra years to the animals life. If for example your dog is drinking more, weight loss or gain, vomiting or dirriage, panting or coughing all the time then it is time to visit the vet quicker than normal.

All dogs can have excess weight gain or loss just the same as humans; they can also suffer with arthritis or problems with their thyroids that is why regular health checks are very important.

When a dog is young and bounding and jumping around all over the place and running like a grayhound when off the lead, they will have a good appetite. As the dog gets older generally this appetite will not be what it used to be as he is less active. Those who feed their pet great amounts of food as the animal is getting older are actually doing more harm than good. It must be remembered that dogs can suffer from obesity and this can be a serious health threat to the animal.

As your dog grows older do regular checks for pumps that may not be noticed if you have a breed of dog with a long coat. This can be important for checking for any lumps or bumps that may be starting to grow, if any are found then a trip to the veterinarian is essential. Sometimes a lump or bump can be faty deposit on the dog but a health check is necessary and important, so is keeping a check on the dog’s nails.

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