Why Does My Dog… Dig in the Carpet?

Picture: Beagle Digging In Carpet

What’s it about carpet that appears to incite some canine to wish to ‘dig to China’? Do you cringe whenever you hear the telltale scrape of canine toenails furiously attempting to scratch their means by way of your flooring fibers?

There could also be easy explanations as to why some canine might interact in this conduct. Generally it might be so simple as him scratching to dig up that single crumb of meals that fell in between the carpet threads. Different instances it might be an fascinating scent that compels your canine to dig at a specific location earlier than he rolls in it, a lot as he would do exterior in the dust. On this case, the digging might merely be an instinctive response to that scent. Different canine will ‘dig’ in the carpet and turn a few times before lying down, which once more could also be the expression of an innate conduct canine interact in to “fluff up” their bedding earlier than mendacity down.

Sure canine, nevertheless, might dig in the carpet when they’re excited or anxious. This is usually a displacement conduct, that means that when your canine can’t carry out a conduct he needs to do, he as an alternative performs one other. An instance of this might be when a canine sees a squirrel sitting on a department, he might bark and dig at the base of the tree. The squirrel is out of attain and the canine can’t chase it so he barks and digs as an alternative! It may also be an expression of excitement or extra power. When my Cocker Spaniel needs to play, he runs round the home barking at my Shepherd to try to get him to affix in. Each canine then chase one another round the home till my Cocker goes and digs in the carpet. I feel he turns into overly excited and has to expend power in one other method. Generally my Cocker might wrestle with my Shepherd, however once in a while he’ll simply begin digging inside. Lastly, some canine may additionally study that once they dig in the carpet, they obtain consideration from their proprietor. Whether or not it’s a verbal reprimand otherwise you calling him away utilizing a toy, he learns that he’ll obtain your consideration.

What Can You Do?

For those who’re nervous your carpet gained’t stand as much as all the consideration, you possibly can attempt dissuading the digging conduct by making a barely startling noise to get your canine’s consideration and to interrupt him. Ensure the noise you utilize will get his consideration however doesn’t scare him. After you have damaged the cycle of behavior, then name your canine over to you and ask him to carry out a number of cued behaviors similar to sit, look and contact, treating and praising as obligatory, to offer your canine with a extra acceptable outlet for his power. This may result in taking him for a walk or offering him with a puzzle toy to occupy his consideration. If crumbs or fascinating scents appear to be a possible trigger, attempt extra frequent vacuuming or spot-cleaning of your carpet. If particular areas of your carpeting are being broken, you possibly can attempt strategic placement of sections of heavy mats or indoor/out of doors throw rugs to guard carpeting.

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